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All game consoles do suffer from some issues and it seems that more and more of them are having problems as they age. We are here to help and love taking these things apart. We stock a lot of parts for all game consoles so we are ready to quickly and accurately carry out any game consoles repairs on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and Playstation 3 to get you back to gaming in no time.

Again PS4 is relatively new, it doesn’t escape issues with the disc drive, operating system and power. The HDMI port is known to not be the strongest, we can repair this so get in touch if your console has taken a tumble. The BLOD (Blue Light of Death) usually only exists in launch models and can not be fixed effectively.

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With our over a decade experience in Playstation 4 repairs we identified these Playstation 4 common problems:

  • BLOD as well known as blinking blue light or RLOD – Red Light of Death
  • WLOD is known as White Light Of Death
  • Playstation 4 is not turning/powering on
  • Damaged HDMI port at the back of the console
  • Heat related issues, which can be resolved by reballing APU
  • Faulty/failing HDD (the hard drive can also be upgraded during the repair)
  • Playstation 4 does not read/register discs, which usually means a faulty laser unit
  • PS4 not taking or ejecting discs randomly is associated with faulty eject button
  • PS4 does not power on, freezes, shuts off unexpectedly or freezes when installing applications
  • Errors once signing in, does not connect to WiFi or your controllers do not sync

Playstation 4 consoles do suffer from some problems and it seems that more and more PS4’s are having problems as they age. We are here to help and love taking these things apart and carrying out Playstation 4 repairs. We stock a lot of parts for all models of PS4 so we are ready to quickly and accurately carry out any Playstation 4 repairs on any PS4 console that comes through our doors.

My Macbook pro 17 required a battery replacement and the process was so easily organized by the wonderful crew at the Igadgettech shop. I was kept informed at every step of the process and the job was completed quickly and efficiently, at a very reasonable price.


Absolutely pleased with the customer service received from Igadgettech. The guys are super friendly, extremely helpful, and provide quick, reliable service. I would recommend them to anyone as capable, efficient and cost conscious.